There is no greater power than the power of the people

It is up to us, to make a radical change in the current society 

EPROJECT is developed to share information about how to become powerful and conscious people. 

It is time that we create a society for the people and with the people. 

Every human being is a co-creator of reality, and so it begins with every human to make the difference, the difference between a conscious, creative and powerful individual or an obedient, weak and reactionary follower.

This difference arises from the quality of the information to which we have access.

EPROJECT is providing the following information

    • Understanding who we really are.
    • Recognize what is going wrong in our current society.
    • Show the alternatives for how a new society can be shaped.
    • Introduce the tools and technologies to enable ourselves to take the necessary actions to implement these alternatives.
    • Show the historical connections and to draw a picture where we understand that the people, us, have the real power and not the elites.
    • Fact-based news.
    • Show an overview of human history in order to understand the meaning of our existence.
    • Creating a platform for understanding and dialogue based on respect and recognition.


Information is the key, it puts the parts together, it overcomes the separation, it reveals what is real and what is really happening, it breaks down the power of the current ruling system and enables us to build a fair and dignified society.

EPROJECT filters the waste from the flood of information and makes the relevant and fact-based information accessible, and this for everyone and for free. We believe that information is a “basic food”, fundamental to be a free, respectful and compassionate individual. Information is not a product with a price, that’s why it can’t be part of the usual “playground” of power and capital.

We have the power, knowledge, intelligence, creativity and technology to build a fair and decent society. What still stops us, are the limitations of our consciousness, egocentrism and market radicalism (neoliberalism), but we can see that resistance to change is crumbling, more and more people are becoming conscious, the impasse of the Egocentrism is now visible everywhere, and market radicalism is in its final stages. 

We are, one global family and this also includes those who stand for and defend the current system, and if we realize this, we can overcome the separation and take the next step in our development together.

There is no need to be afraid that we could fail and devastate the Earth because that will not stop evolution itself. 

EPROJECT is a place where we have access to the relevant and fact-based information to finally stop our childish insanity and develop into mature people.

“All theory is grey, my friend. But forever green is the tree of life.” Goethe.


Doesn’t matter which way we think about life and what it means, we all are living on earth and we all need the earth. Developing an understanding of what goes wrong and why we are so destructive with the earth, and presenting the alternatives and how to bring them into reality.


When the ego takes its natural place we are at balance with ourselves and therefore with life. How to establish the natural structure of the ego in the context with the earth is, the challenge we all face and which is essential in the process of building a different society.


The word economic means basically the management of a household or family and in this sense, we will use it, but with a much wider frame, the management of the global family. This includes the interaction between all life forms on earth. The market radicalism (neoliberalism) is almost over, the alternatives are there, now we need to do the next step.


The ultimate goal of education is that each individual can think and feel for him/her self. If we want to master the challenge of postmodern times, we have to learn new ways to learn. In fact, learning must be a life long process, science had proved that the brain needs constant learning to cultivate neuroplasticity, which is essential to our intelligence and ability to embrace the constant change.


The study of history that life becomes more complex, more intelligence and more conscious. It is essential to do not enter the vicious circle of “the end is near thinking structure” and at the same time to be highly aware of the problems and great challenge of our times. Evolution is on the side of the change.

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