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EPROJECT is a free and independent information platform which use the internet as the distribution medium for high-quality information and fact-based news. The Topics are widespread embracing all kinds of (human) activities, from political, economical, historical, psychological, spiritual, cultural to environmental. It is published in two languages, English and Spanish.

The purpose of EPROJECT is to show that we already have the knowledge, intelligence, creativity, technology and power to create a different society which is grounded in universal values, such as peace, collaboration, compassion, individuality, understanding, respect, responsibility and dialogue. EPROJECT affirms that we face two main forces which try to prevent human development, egocentrism and market-radicalism (neoliberalism).

EPROJECT acts as a filter to keep out the trash information, the fake news and the general misleading “official” information and news (corporate and state media).

There is a growing need to bring together the different approaches of human development, creating a new paradigm where we can live peacefully with ourselves and nature, EPROJECT is a space to make this possible.

EPROJECT is user-funded and therefore relies on community financial support. It is the money of the supporters who believe that we have the power to change society in a peaceful way, which makes EPROJECT work.

Today it is not the question if, there is good and solid information and fact based news, rather where to find it and how to share it.